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Wave Editor 3.8

Edit your WAV, WMA, and MP3 audio files in a waveform-based interface
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If in need of a simple editing tool to cut, crop, trim, or convert your WAV audio files, Wave Editor is a free option that is certainly worth checking. Complete with a waveform-based interface for an intuitive editing environment, this completely free tool supports also two other common audio formats – MP3 and WMA – and you can easily convert between them just by saving the active track in the desired output format. No real changes will be performed on the original track until you click on the save button. If you choose a different output format, the original track will remain unchanged.

Performing any of the functions that Wave Editor offers is extremely simple. Thanks to its waveform interface, you can intuitively select the section you wish to remove, copy, or enhance just by selecting the begin and end points using your mouse. For more accurate selections, you can always key in the precise start and end times with a level of precision down to the millisecond.

The list of editing functions provided is not exhaustive – remember that this is a free audio editor – but they’re all extremely useful and much used. Thus, you can easily fade in or out your audio files or a selected fragment, insert silence, normalize the track volume, reverse and invert the audio, and to increase or decrease the overall volume (amplify). All of these functions come with their own settings to help you customize each operation. You will also find here the control buttons for the program’s built-in player.

Wave Editor includes a Tools menu option that is but a showcase of other audio related products that require downloading and installation in order to use them. Note that these external tools are trial versions of commercial products. Other than this, Wave Editor is one of those free utilities that I find very hard not to recommend. It won’t take up many of your system’s resources and adding it to your desktop will cost you nothing. In return, it’ll let you perform basic editing tasks on your favorite audio tracks easily and intuitively.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Waveform-based interface
  • Offers simple one-click editing tools
  • Not limited to WAV files, it supports MP3 and WMA audio


  • Tools link to external Abyssmedia apps that aren't free and need to be downloaded and installed
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